Holle Organic Spelt Baby Rusks 200g
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Holle Organic Spelt Baby Rusks 200g

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When to start: after 6. months


Attributes: made from spelt and wholemeal spelt, unsweetened, egg-free, wheat-free, contains no milk protein, contains gluten, easy to digest

Preparation: Mild tasting and easy digested, Holle Organic Baby Spelt-Rusk is perfect for the baby, either as a snack for biting and munching, helping to train jaw and chewing muscles, or for making up tasty baby rusk-cereals.

Production: Holle Organic Baby Spelt-Rusk is made from premium organic ingredients and prepared with natural yeast and sea salt. The rusk is unsweetened and contains no allergy causing ingredients such as chicken protein, milk protein and wheat.

Important Information: Please do not allow your baby to bite on rusk unsupervised. Do not give rusk when your baby is lying down - risk of choking. Please take care to follow instructions when making up baby cereals: dosing in the right quantities will ensure your baby receives the right amount of nutrients. Always prepare fresh and throw leftovers away. Contains carbohydrates, like all cereal products. Constant contact with carbohydrate liquids can cause tooth decay, therefore maintain the baby's regular dental hygiene.

Ingredients: spelt flour type 550, spelt wholemeal, palm fat, yeast, sea salt, lupine flour, vitamin B1 (required by law).
* from organic farming
** from biodynamic farming

Countries of origin of the main ingredients: Germany / Austria

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