Holle Organic Baby Spelt-Biscuit 150g
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Holle Organic Baby Spelt-Biscuit 150g

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When to start: after 8. months


Attributes: without egg, no added salt, no added sugar, contains gluten, wheat-free, easy to digest, free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

Preparation: Mild tasting and easy digested, Holle Organic Baby Spelt-Biscuit is perfect for the baby, either as a snack for biting and munching, helping to train jaw and chewing muscles.

Production: Holle Organic Baby Spelt-Biscuits are made from high quality Demeter spelt flour and improved by the use of best Demeter butter. Holle consciously avoids the use of crystal sugar and salt for a naturally mild flavor that is just right for babies.

Important Information: Please do not allow your baby to bite on cookie unsupervised. Do not give when your baby is lying down - risk of choking. Constant contact with carbohydrate liquids can cause tooth decay, therefore maintain the baby's regular dental hygiene.

Ingredients: spelt flour, molasses of rice, butter, full-cream milk powder, vitamin B1 (required by law).
* from organic farming
** from biodynamic farming (Demeter quality)

Countries of origin of the main ingredients: Germany

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