HiPP Organic Baby’s Biscuit 180g
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HiPP Organic Baby’s Biscuit 180g

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  • Suitable for infants from 6 month and for young children
  • with gluten
  • with vitamin B1
  • *from organic farms.
  • **Organic palm oil is extracted sustainably, protecting the environment, certified by independent control services.
  • May contain traces of mustard

Ingredients: 68% wheat flour*, sugar*, coconut oil*, 7% wheat flour* (partially hydrolyzed), skimmed milk powder*, leavening agents (ammonium carbonates, potassium tartrates, sodium carbonates), barley malt extract* , Bourbon vanilla extract, emulsifier lecithin*, thiamine hydrochloride.

* From organic farms


  • from 6 months: dessert or snack – crush 2-3 cookies, pour a few tablespoons of prepared milk mixture or fruit puree, let it swell.
  • from 8 months: the baby can eat whole biscuits if the first teeth have already erupted

Before opening, make sure that the product packaging is intact. Store at room temperature in a dry place.
Important: do not give cookies to a lying child and do not leave him eating unattended! Consult your doctor for additional nutrition.

Nutrition 100 g
energy value kJ/kcal 1788 kJ /424 kcal
fat from which 9,5 g
– saturated fatty acids 7,8 g
carbs 73,8 g
-from which sugars 22,1 g
Fibrous materials 2,1 g
proteins 9,7 g
salt <0,25 g
sodium <0,10 g
Vitamin B1 0,8 mg (160 %2)
The amount of salt is determined only by the sodium naturally present in the product
2% of the reference amount of consumption

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