Holle PRE Organic Infant Cow Formula - 400g
Holle PRE Organic Infant Cow Formula - 400g
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Holle PRE Organic Infant Cow Formula - 400g

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From birth. 400 grams.  

Suitable from birth and on or if supplementing while breastfeeding. Ideal for feeding in a bottle, but also for preparing Holle Wholegrain Porridges. Easy to digest, gluten-free, no added sugar, with Demeter milk. Strictly follows EU Organic Regulations and the International Demeter Regulations. 

Holle Organic Infant PRE Formula does not contain maltodextrin (starch), instead it contains lactose. Conventional produced infant formulas have vegetable oils as the source of fat while the new Holle Organic Infant PRE Formula is the first one which also includes Demeter milk fat so that amount of refined vegetable oils is reduced. The combination of plant and milk fat provides an optimal fat composition in the initial milk.

WHOLE MILK ** ¹, whey product * (partially demineralized whey powder), lactose *, vegetable oils * (palm oil * ³, sunflower oil *, rapeseed oil *), skimmed milk powder **, fish oil², skimmed milk powder *, calcium carbonate, calcium chloride, sodium chloride tyrosine trinate , Vitamin C, L-tryptophan, iron lactate, vitamin E, zinc sulfate, vitamin A, vitamin D, niacin, pantothenic acid, copper sulfate, vitamin K, folic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, manganese sulfate, potassium iodate, sodium selenate, biotin ¹100 g Baby milk foods are made from 123 ml of whole milk ² contains DHA (legally required for infant formula) ³ from sustainable cultivation
* = Ingredients from organic farming,
** = ingredients from organic, dynamic cultivation,

Countries of origin of the main ingredients:


Quick and easy to prepare. Add boiled water which has been cooled to approx. 50°C (122°F) to the formula powder and shake. Make sure it has cooled to desired temperature before feeding baby.


Holle Cow Milk Formula Stage Pre is suitable from birth and is ideal for supplementing with breast milk or exclusive bottle feeding. Holle ensures that each stage is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your baby. Made with carefully selected ingredients and high quality Demeter milk from Germany. Their formulas are derived from 99% organically grown ingredients and the remaining 1% are vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for a baby’s development. Other important ingredients include organic vegetable oils, which provide essential fatty acids. Holle cow milk Stage Pre contains lactose as a sweetener, opposed to their conventional formulas that contain maltodextrin. Holle Stage Pre can be used as an alternative to Holle Cow Milk Formula Stage 1. After the 6th month, it is recommended advance to Holle Cow Milk Formula Stage 2.

Please note:


A mother’s milk is the most natural and beneficial nourishment for a baby – including all nutrients and vitamins needed. That is why Holle recommends breastfeeding. In addition, the intense contact between a mother and child during breastfeeding promotes feelings of harmony and comfort. We recommend you talk to a health professional, such as your doctor, midwife or health visitor, about the importance of breastfeeding.

Nutritional facts of Holle Organic Baby Formula Stage PRE

Per 100g of product per 100ml prepared formula 
Energie (KJ/Kcal) 2102/502 277/66
Fat (g) 25.1 3.3
* Of which Saturated Fat 10.4 1.4
* Of which monounsaturates 10.3 1.3
* Of which polyunsaturates 4.4 0.6
Linoleic Acid (mg) 3671 485
Alpha-linolenic Acid (mg) 342 45
DHA 147 19.4
Carbohydrates (g) 58.9 7.8
* Of which suger 58.9 7.8
* Of which lactose  58.9 7.8
* Of which starch 0 0
Fibre (g) 0 0
Protein (g) 10.1 1.3
Salt (g) 0 0
Vitamin A (ug) 471 62.2
Vitamin D (ug) 10 1.4
Vitamin E (mg) 11 1.5
Vitamin K (ug) 47 6.2
Vitamin C (mg) 104 14
Vitamin B1 / Thiamin (mg) 0.46 0.06
Vitamin B2 /Riboflavin (mg) 1.4 0.18
Niacin (mg) 3.5 0.46
Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.43 0.057
Folic Acid (ug) 88 11.6
Folate (ug DFE) 133 17.6
Vitamin B12 (ug) 1.6 0.21
Biotin (ug) 15 2
Pantothenic Acid (mg) 3.7 0.49
Sodium (mg) 210 28
Potassium (mg) 609 80.4
Chloride (mg) 394 51.9
Calcium (mg) 423 55.8
Phosphorus (mg) 246 32.5
Magnesium (mg) 39.8 5.26
Iron (mg) 4 0.53
Zinc (mg) 3.3 0.43
Copper (mg) 0.35 0.046
Manganese (mg) 0.1 0.013
Fluoride (mg) <0.07 <0.01
Selenium (ug) 20 2.7
Iodine (ug) 112 14.8
Choline (mg) 163 22
Inositol (mg) 34 4.5
L-carnitine (mg) 16 2.1
1 Scoop is (g) 4.4 g  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Love this for underweight baby

My milk supply was very low so i needed to supplement with formula. The hospital gave me enfamil which did not agree with my little one at all. He hated it and it gave him constipation. I researched and found out about eurpoean baby formulas and how much better they are than the US ones. I first started on Holle Pre which we loved.

He did amazing on this formula. He was born 6lbs and he needed to catch up. This has no starch so we were still able to feed him on demand. The doctor was very impressed with how he was catching up. It is a very good formula to start with. His stools look just like breast milk with this formula and he was never consitpated again after starting on this.

Ordering from love organic baby has been so easy and i get the same formula that i was paying way more for at organic start. They are also a recommended seller from the holle hipp facebook group which is very important. You don’t want to buy your formula from just anywhere.

❤️ thank you!