HiPP Organic Porridge Oats, Strawberry and Raspberry 250g
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HiPP Organic Porridge Oats, Strawberry and Raspberry 250g

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HiPP organic Porridge Oats, Strawberry and Raspberry 

8 months and later 

HiPP Porridge Oats Strawberry and Raspberry, contains only valuable, strictly tested organic ingredients and is age-appropriate for the nutritional needs of babies from the 8th month. 



It is important for the health of your baby that you follow the preparation and dosage instructions. Always spoon feed the porridge and prepare it fresh for each meal. Please do not heat the porridge in the microwave (danger of scalding!). 

Preparation as porridge:

  1. Put 75ml whole milk and 75ml water* in a pot and bring to the boil.
  2. add approx. 6 tablespoons (40g) HiPP porridge and simmer for approx. 30 seconds while stirring
  3. fill porridge into a plate, let it cool down and check temperature 

Preparation without boiling:

Mix 50 ml whole milk + 50 ml water* (cold or warm) in a plate. Add approx. 6 tablespoons (40 g) HiPP porridge, stir and allow to swell until the desired consistency is achieved. Check temperature.

*The addition of water is necessary to reduce the protein content of cow's milk in a way suitable for children.

Allergy notes:

  • contains gluten-containing cereals and gluten-containing cereal products
  • contains oats and oat products 

Ingredients: 68% wholegrain oat flakes**, 12% wholegrain oat flour**, 7% banana puree¹**, 6% apple puree¹**, 4% banana flakes¹**, 1.2% dried strawberry puree¹**, rice flour**, 0.7% dried raspberry puree¹**, dried carrot juice concentrate**, strawberry extract, vitamin B1.

**from organic production

¹won from approx. 37 g of fresh organic fruit per prepared portion (190 g)


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